Smart911 Can Help Rescuers In An Emergency


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — The City of Bridgeport is now part of a national service called Smart 911 that gets important information about your family to emergency responders in a crisis.

The Smart911 system can let first responders know all about you, your family, and your home, before there is an emergency.

You go online and create a profile tied to your phone number, and yes, you can use a cellphone number. They ask you how many people are in your house, where their bedrooms are, what cars you have, even if you’ve got an emergency contact.

“People can go online and register their information — name, address, pet information, allergies — anything they want us to know about when they call 911,” said Dorre Price, 911 Call Center Director.

That way firefighters can find everybody in a fire, and EMTs know if you’re allergic to medication. You can even include photos of your family so if someone is missing and they put out an alert, authorities know who to look for right away.

“You know, I’ve had to call 911. We all have,” Mayor Bill Finch, D-Bridgeport, said. “You’re not thinking about all that information. You’re focused on that immediate incident. That car accident, that incident in a park, that child who wasn’t on the school bus.”

Go to and check on availability and create your profile. The profile only takes about 10 minutes.


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