Smart911 Helps Alpharetta's Emergency Response


The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety is encouraging all residents to sign up for the free service.

girl-with-iphone-6-in-sunlights-picjumbo-comALPHARETTA, GA -- The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety is urging citizens to utilize a free tool designed to help emergency personnel come to your aid in an efficient manner.

Smart911 stores valuable information in Alpharetta’s emergency response databases so that responders can find you more quickly, and have crucial details that will help provide a faster response, the city said.

 Residents can create a free safety profile for all the phones in their households by visiting the Smart911 website. When a residents makes an emergency call, the safety profile will be seen by 911 call takers.

Profile details can include names and photos of all family members, medical conditions, allergies, pets and emergency contacts. This profile also provides a way for residents to include information that will enhance disaster response such as power needs for medical equipment, evacuation assistance and sheltering needs.

In the event of a natural disaster, public safety officials will be able to quickly determine from the data you have provided which residents may need specific assistance.

This profile can be modified or updated at any time. Smart911 also provides the capability to conduct mass emergency alerting call-outs, allowing residents to opt-in to receive emergency alerts from public safety officials based on geographic locations of events. These mass notifications can be sent through various means of communications such as phone, text or e-mail.

Smart 911 is a voluntary program, and the city of Alpharetta is strongly urging all residents to visit today to securely create their unique profile. The information that you provide can be viewed only by you and emergency dispatchers, and will never be used for any purpose other than emergency response.


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By: Kristal Dixon (Patch Staff)



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