Smart911 Is A Smart Idea


BE PROACTIVE: Smart 911allows citizens to proactively provide critical details prior to an emergency.

Smart911 is a smart idea. Lake County officials installed the upgraded system through a state grant.
The system employs an information-sharing process that utilizes every moment of an emergency call.To use a cliche, Smart911 is 911 on steroids.

Essentially, it packs the gap between when a call is made and when emergency workers arrive.

The network allows residents to create free online safety profiles of household information. Emergency operators see the profiles when a call is made. They can access that information and transmit it to rescue crews, who arrive at their destination prepared.

“The more information that a citizen can provide to us in an emergency, the better,” said Greg Holcomb, the county’s Emergency 911 coordinator. “The time during an emergency is often very chaotic and vital details can be advantageous when made available to the 911 telecommunicators. Smart911 allows citizens to proactively provide us with those details prior to an emergency.”

Here’s some examples of how system may work:

  • In the case of a missing child, an operator can see a photo of the child, issue an Amber Alert and forward the photo to officers after the call. A map of the child’s last known location is included.
  • For fire calls, the operator can know how many people live in the house, the locations of the bedrooms, special medical conditions and whether pets are on the premises.
  • If victims suffer from allergies, the 911 operator will see their names and their allergies. If the caller is unable to speak, EMS will be dispatched with an EpiPen in hand.

We urge residents to put their profiles into the system. It just may make the difference one day.

For information, call the Lake County Public Safety Department at 352-343-9458, or visit


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