Smart 911 Comes To Searcy


Using Smart 911, residents can create computer profiles that only emergency responders will be able to see. In an emergency, it will allow dispatchers to see any allergies you might have, or disabilities.

Faron Huggins says, “I had a heart attack here and I have problems driving on the road and there was no one to help me because here 911 was very poor.”

It was a scary situation for Huggins, a Searcy resident who is deaf, and unfortunately what he described is not uncommon. He says, ”I was yelling help and I was stuck but now 911 has improved and is much more helpful.”

Improved by adding a new program, Smart 911. It’s a way to create a profile and share information about yourself that will help first responders, should an emergency ever happen. You can let them know what you are allergic to or if you have a health condition.

Todd Miller says, “When you create the profile it is only made available to 911 when it is dialed.” Miller with Smart 911 says it’s a safe way to open up a better line of communication better. He adds, “In collaboration with the deaf and hard of hearing community we are working on way for text messaging to be integrated into the 911 center.”

Mayor David Morris agrees, this is a needed program to ensure people’s safety. He says, “We’re extremely proud to be the first city to implement this program cause it will mean a lot and save a lot of lives and save people.” By giving responders a leg up-by, letting them know more about you before they arrive. Morris says,  ”It’s helpful for the deaf, the blind and anyone with problems.”

If you want it available in your area, the association urges you to contact your local representatives and let them know you want the program to be statewide. So far 20 states are using the program. If you would like to sign up, check Smart 911’s website.


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