Safety Profiles on Smart911 Can Save Lives


Smart911 Can Help Create Peace-of-Mind by Connecting Police and Parents, No Matter the Emergency.

Smart911 is changing the game in the case of an emergency.

"It just takes a few minutes and and it could save a life."

Students are heading back to school and with busy schedules, it can be tricky for parents to keep tabs on their children. So, police are urging you to create a safety profile on

"They can go in and put a picture of their kid, if their child was to ever go missing which helps us on that end. If their child has a cell phone, they can tie a home address to that cell phone so we'll know where to go in the case of an emergency... Also medical information. If they have allergies or anything like that, in case we have paramedics that are out there," said Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department.

Usually when you call police, the only information that pops up is your name and address. But after creating a safety profile on Smart911, if you or a loved one calls police, all of the additional important information is immediately available for emergency responders.

"They can also put their own information so if their child was to call 911 and we were to interact with their child, we would be able to go on there and find mom, dad's information, their place of work and all of that."

Lt. Hudson has seen how the statewide system cuts the response time to get crews on scene.

"You just never know when one of those calls comes in and when they do, seconds count and that type of vital information is very, very important on the front end... Without that information, we've got to go through and check our computer systems and see if you've ever called before and maybe try to get with a cell phone carrier and try to triangulate where you might be, and that takes a lot of time."

But Smart911 can help create peace of mind by connecting police and parents, no matter the emergency.

"People need to realize that, hopefully it never happens to them, but if it does, I think those few minutes are worth it."

Most people have a smart phone or iPad with them at all times, so it can be as simple as filling out the information while watching television. Parents can also create a profile for themselves, and enter how many kids they have, what their names are, and any medical issues emergency crews should be aware of.

Some might be concerned about sharing too much personal information, but no one can access your information unless you call 911. Lt. Hudson said police cannot even pull up your information, unless you call them. It is a secure system and they have had around 17,000 hits on Smart911 since May of last year, so it is a tool that is being used a lot.

There is no charge for creating a safety profile on Smart911


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