Roscommon County Rolls Out App to Help Emergency Responders Better Help Citizens


Roscommon MI Launch Pic

Roscommon County just rolled out a new system that they say will help them be more efficient when responding to emergencies -- it's called Smart911.

Users can fill out profiles letting dispatchers know about anything that could help them in case of an emergency.

The county says the new app will help the people here help you in case of an emergency.

Roscommon 911 Director Vance Stringham says Smart911 helped save a man's life in Grand Traverse County.

“His family had registered for Smart911, and he dialed 911 having woke up to smoke in the home and wasn't able to speak. And because of his family's Smart 911 profile, it led first responders to his home and he was saved as a result,” said Stringham.

Here's how it works:

Participants can submit allergies, blood types, and even whether they have aggressive dogs.

Anything that could help first responders understand what they're getting into during an emergency.

While this is new for Roscommon County, you don't have to live here for it to help you.

“No matter where you are, even if your county doesn't have it the info will follow you.”

Right now it's not possible to text Roscommon 911, but with Smart911 Roscommon County would be able to text you, just in case you're in an emergency where you can't speak.

“There have been at least two cases since we turned this on, where we've been able to determine it was not an emergency, but it's actually been saved lives and it's a really neat feature.”

Only a handful of people have signed up so far.

Kevin Howe heard about it yesterday on Facebook. He lives in St. Helen.

“Probably tonight I'm going to sit down and finish mine up and then have my wife do it. That way she can list all of her medications and what they're for,” Howe said.

Some people are concerned about privacy, but the county says they can only access your information when you call 911.

“If that kind of information is floating around right now and is easily accessible, why not make it just as accessible for the people who need it?”


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