Rave Panic Button Alerts Teachers to Gun on Campus


A 16-year-old Marion High School student is charged with Possession of a Handgun by a Minor on School Property. This after reports of a gun on campus put the school on lockdown Friday.

“The teacher, we seen his facial expression, so he immediately told us to run so we ran outside to our safety point,” said Joshua Rolfe, Marion High Senior.

Marion Schools uses the app Rave Panic Button which was established by the Arkansas legislature. It sends an alert to teachers and faculty during situations like an active shooter; it calls police at the same time. It’s only available to Arkansas schools, but students and parents cannot download it.

Marion Schools Deputy Superintendent told FOX13 the app does geo-located alerts as well to alert nearby teachers of what’s going on.

He also shared that the school system has conducted active shooter drills the past few weeks, including one most recently as Thursday.

“They do things quickly; they take care of it as soon as it happens. I knew they had everything under control, I wasn't worried about that,” said Marion High Parent Excell Baber, “I just think about the stuff that happened at other schools, Jonesboro and different things, anything could happen any minute; somebody could start shooting.”

Marion Police did not know why the teenager brought the gun to school. They are still investigating this incident.


by: Sarah Bleau 

Fox 13


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