Rave Mobile Safety Improves Emergency Alerting At Purdue


With all the ways the Greater Lafayette area was able to stay informed about Wednesday’s storms, such as through television and radio, one of the most convenient and helpful ways was Purdue’s text alerts.

Admittedly, there were a few road bumps on the way to the quick and informative system Purdue has developed.

Before the University switched over to its new system, Purdue had to pay per text message they sent out. Therefore, in order to remain cost-friendly, users of the system did not receive many alert texts. By paying the new system a flat fee, Purdue was able to send users multiple texts with updates on where, when, and how long the warnings and watches were issued without having to pay an excessive amount.

Also, the texts themselves have improved. Reports of issues such as the snow days and crimes around campus often reached phones later than many would have liked. Some students didn’t learn about the snowdays until as late as 6:30 a.m.. The texts were occasionally confusing and some even warranted additional texts to be sent for clarification.

The texts, which began around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, were very timely, clear and informative. The messages reach users from the National Weather Service via the University and helped students know the safest course of action to take during cases of extreme weather.

In addition to the texts, five sirens around campus, with two to follow in the near future, keep those in the area aware of the conditions outside. Purdue also sends out emergency warnings via email and Facebook.

The department of campus preparedness and planning relays these messages to registered users of the system and should be applauded for their work in this and similar situations in the past.

If you have not yet registered to this convenient and helpful service, visit purdue.edu/emergency_preparedness to add your cell phone number, Purdue email and/or Facebook to the list.


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