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When call boxes, security cameras or police officers are not readily available, a solution to the safety gap can be found in a cell phone app endorsed by College of DuPage campus police


COD has recognized this and have recently reminded staff and students about the “The Rave Guardian” cell phone application due to the recent robbery on campus.

This application is available to download in the App Store for free. The app’s description says it enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and campus safety,” according to its developer, Rave Mobile Safety.

Through this app, students and staff are able to set a safety time, connect with police officers, and send emergency calls or text messages.The homepage is set up to be used with ease in any situation. Each feature is placed in large letters and symbols so that being safe is simple and efficient.

For students leaving school at late hours, the safety timer gives you the control to be safe in an uncontrolled situation.

“You could put a timer on your phone for when you walk to the car and when you get to the car you turn off your timer,” said Chief of Police, Joe Mullen. “If you don’t make it to your car in the time you have set it, then it is transmitted to us. We have a computer in dispatch that we always have someone at, and any info that gets relayed back to them we can immediately push out to the officers.”

For the emergency calls and texting, you are able to stay connected to police when you not only feel safe, but for when you see suspicious activities. You are able to snap a photograph and send it to dispatch or any of your “Guardians” when you are unsafe or see others in danger.

“Guardians” are contacts created within the app that allows you to quickly communicate to friends or family. It works just like your contact book, but instead they are able to watch over you as you can do for them.

If you do not wish to add friends or family to be guardians, campus police are your default within the app if you register with your school email address. Not only can you contact COD police, but 911, which will direct you to Glen Ellyn police is a feature as well.

For free, the app is a simple tool that may settle any fears when taking night courses or working late, and you don’t even have to be a student to use it.
“It’s another method to contact us and let us know right away there was a concern,” said Mullen. “Direct communication is always the best, but the app is a wonderful tool.”


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