Rave Guardian Campus Safety App Gives UALR Students Peace of Mind


btn_guardian_orange_demoFreshmen year means new beginnings and changes to routine for Olivia Varnell and Michelle Cheesman. "Moving to Little Rock it's really different than where we're from," Varnell explained.

Although home may be less than 40 miles away, on campus it is a world of difference. Varnell continued, "It's not really our natural instincts to be on guard, like everywhere you go but it's Little Rock and you really have to be."

"It's 2014. Anything can happen anywhere at any time," Officer Jennifer Lusk began. Which is why the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has launched Rave Guardian, a free campus safety app. Lusk continued, "I think universities across the nation are coming up with all kinds of ideas to try to put minds at ease."

Crime prevention officer Jennifer Lusk gave THV11 a scenario of when a student would use it, saying, "I'm at the library and I should be back in my dorm room or my residence hall at a certain time and they will set a timer for that amount of time. If they don't show up then an alarm goes off in dispatch and we know who the student is and that they're in need of help." The app tracks your location only if the alarm goes off and that is when dispatch will contact the person or send an officer to look for them.

Varnell says, "I have some night classes. Walking back on campus alone is really scary." These two admit they have become more observant of their surroundings, especially in the wake of the recent disappearance and murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter. Now, with this app at their fingertips, they can have peace of mind knowing someone will be there if they need help.

Cheesman said, "It makes me feel safer. Because this isn't the best part of town."


Posted on October 1, 2014

By Marlisa Goldsmith, KTHV


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