The Rave Guardian App Is Watching Over Clemson


CLEMSON – There’s a new phone application that can help Clemson University students and employees stay safe.

The smartphone app, Rave Guardian, has several safety features, including a safety timer that can alert a “guardian” if the user hasn’t arrived at a destination as expected.

Here’s how it works: The user can enter a destination – their parked car or a campus building, for instance – and the estimated time it will take to reach it. The user gets two notifications to turn off the timer before the time is up. If they haven’t turned it off before the time expires, their guardian receives a message alerting them so they can call the user or police.

Users can choose a friend or family member to be their guardian, or they can choose Clemson University police. This feature is useful for those who are walking alone, especially at night or in an unfamiliar area.

The free app also has a button that lets the user dials 911 with one click. Like the blue light emergency phones on campus, it shows police dispatchers the caller’s location.

Users also can use their phones to send anonymous crime tips to police in text messages or pictures. If they see someone committing a crime, they can take a photo and send it with the location of the incident.

“I think Clemson University is moving forward,” Chief Eric Hendricks said. “We’re going to continue down this path and we’re going to stay with technology… to keep Clemson a safe, secure learning environment. That’s our intention.”

The app works off-campus as well.

For more information, see the FAQs.

Rave Guardian is available for download on iTunes and on Google Play for Androids. Subscribers must use a Clemson email address to log in.


By: Maggie Masterson, Class of 2017


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