Rave Command View and Rave 911 Analytics


Rave Mobile Safety (Rave) added two innovative new features of the Rave Platform, Rave Command View and Rave 911 Analytics. Rave Command View gives 9-1-1 managers and dispatchers interactive, map-based views of critical information, such as 9-1-1 call patterns and critical facility data during active emergencies. Additionally, Rave 911 Analytics provides easy, anytime web-based access to historical call reporting and analytics.

“In an emergency, it is vital that 9-1-1 call takers and managers have quick access to as much detailed information as possible,” said Todd Piett, Chief Product Officer at Rave Mobile Safety. “Rave Command View is a next generation tool that consolidates the most up-to-date data available so call takers can react and respond faster to emergencies.”

Rave Command View provides integrated views of all 9-1-1 activity including information collected through the Smart911 platform and gives 9-1-1 and first responders access to a 9-1-1 callers’ Smart911 Safety Profiles, Smart911Facility profiles, and Rave Panic Button activations. Managers and dispatchers can see and react to real-time 9-1-1 call traffic and trends and easily drill down from the map to call details, as well as support overloaded call takers. The overall impact is faster and better 9-1-1 response.


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