Pulaski County launches enhanced 911 service called "Smart 911"


In Pulaski County, a new service is being offered to people so first responders can better help them in times of emergency. The "Smart 911" service will help them help citizens more efficiently.

When the 9-1-1 operator gets a call,  their job is to help.  They work to get all the necessary information, but sometimes they may not get enough.

Now, the Joint 911 Communications Center has a new system in place called "Smart 911".

"Citizens can sign up through with that they create their own profile. Their allergies, medical conditions. Their pets, their children," said Brad Nester, deputy director of the Pulaski County Joint 911 Center.

Nester says people can put as much or a little information as they want.  The profile only pops up when someone dials 911, and operators only provide the information to the appropriate first responders.

"We can get information to the responders more quickly," said Nester.

Nester says the system has been implemented in 1500 municipalities across the county.  He says Pulaski County's system  is the first in the Southwest Virginia.  He  says a person's profile will pop up in any jurisdiction that uses the system.

"If you were at the beach on vacation and you called 911 your cell phone. It would show hey it's John Doe from Pulaski,Virginia," said Nester.

He says previously if someone called 9-1-1, and then hung up they most likely wouldn't be able to get in contact with the person again.

"With this software we can initiate a caller and have a two-way conversation," said Nester.

It's a conversation people in Pulaski County say they are glad they can have.

Click here to create a "Smart 911" profile.


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