Personal 911 profile service comes to Kent County


911-cell-callAll three Delaware counties are now covered by Smart911, which lets residents provide personal safety information to emergency responders online.

Kent County is the latest to join the service, which works in 40 states.

"Citizens can create a safety profile of valuable information that they want to provide 911 call-takers and first responders," says the county's assistant public safety director, Kevin Stipple. "It's a free service to the citizens of Kent County."

With most 911 calls now made from cellphones, Stipple says dispatchers may not even know where a caller is located, let alone other life-saving information.

"Through Smart911, you have the opportunity to put more information into the system. such as your home address, any medications that you're on, pictures of your children, anything about your residence -- all this information can be put into that safety profile," Stipple says. "So when you call 911, that's less questions we have to ask because it's right there in front of our dispatchers"

He says users' Smart911 profiles travel with them out of state, too. Kent County residents can sign up for the free service at


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