Paradise Valley adopts 'Smart 911' system to help callers, dispatchers with information


PARADISE VALLEY - Paradise Valley is the second municipality in the Valley to unveil a free program making it easier for 911 callers and dispatchers to connect.

Smart 911 offers residents a chance to input important information online, so whenever a registered phone number dials 911, information immediately comes up in the emergency system.

Unfortunately, cell phones do not give dispatchers as much information as landlines do, and around 70 percent of emergency calls come from cell phones nowadays, according to Smart 911.

With this program, addresses, names, medical information, photos and more can be registered to your chosen numbers. The information is not searchable by law enforcement or other agencies and is only triggered when the registered number dials 911.

Tempe was the first local city to adopt the program last year.According to the Smart 911 website, Eloy Police Department has also adopted the program.

Arizonans and others around the country are urged to register even if their hometown isn't currently using Smart 911. If you have a registered profile and call 911 from any area, your information will come up in the system if the nearby department uses the program, Rave Mobile Safety says.

More than 1,000 municipalities in 40 states currently use Smart 911.


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