"PANIC BUTTON" App to Help Keep Students Safe in Limestone County


13007172_10154674224924692_652877691722594189_nLimestone County becomes first county in the state to use "Panic Button"

Limestone County is being proactive by introducing a new measure to help keep its schools safe.

It's an app called the Rave "Panic Button."

Limestone County is the first county in the state to use the new technology.

There are five different buttons within the system, by pushing one, alerts will be sent to 911 dispatchers and all school staff.

"Also a text or email message will go out to a select group of responders, " said R.V. White, Director of Limestone County's 911 Department.

Keeping schools safe. That is the agenda here. Limestone County says instead of waiting for a tragedy, it is looking to prevent the next one.

"Most of the time our teachers and administrators are the first, first responders. So they have very few seconds to get help, " said White.

Those seconds matter.

"Anything that increases our response time is going to be great and it has the potential for saving lives, " said Limestone Co. Sheriff Mike Blakely.

The app holds critical information for each school, like floor plans, student and employee locations. Information that is instantly available to first responders.

"A child falls and gets hurt or we need to contact the nurse. We can do that through this device, " said Athens City Schools Superintendent Tom Sisk.

When calls are sent to 911 the dispatcher already knows who is calling and from what campus the call is coming from.

"If there's an outbreak in a classroom seconds matter, " said Sisk.

The app is now available for download.

"We have schools that have the apps downloaded that are active today that can push the button if they need help, " said R.V. White.

Limestone County's 911 Department is funding the program the first year.

100 apps cost about $3,000. The county also plans to use the Rave "Panic Button" at Athens City Hall, Limestone County Commission and the County Courthouse.


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