OSU Unveils New Campus Emergency Messaging System


Nearly 20,000 of the 36,097 Oklahoma State University (OSU) students enrolled in the upcoming fall semester have signed on to the school’s new on-campus emergency messaging system.

The new AT&T mass notification system was integrated this summer, and students were prompted to register their contact information. The Rave Campus Messenger can send not only texts, emails and voice messages in case of an emergency, but also alert students to staff or room changes, class cancellations, tuition due dates and weather updates.

“Rave has the capability to be more than just an emergency communications tool,” OSU Chief Information Officer Darlene Hightower said in an email. “OSU has future plans to allow students to elect to receive text messages from a predetermined group of departments across campus.”

Rave will be a part of the OSU warning system, called Cowboy Alert, which is composed of several communication methods. A combination of those methods, or maybe all of them, will be used depending on the emergency, its duration and severity.

“We have the ability to send emergency communications to email accounts and post to Twitter, Facebook and the OSU campus safety website,” Hightower wrote in an email. “We will also investigate an interface that will allow messages to go out via the building alarm system and outdoor public address system.”

The notification system features two-way capability that can send messages at a rate of 105,000 per minute. The system allows OSU to send and receive messages from cellphones, wired phones, computers and tablets as well as social media.


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