North Platte First To Offer Free Service “Smart911″ In Nebraska


A relatively new emergency service, used in only 26 states, offers you the ability to create a profile for your family that displays key details to emergency responders in the case of an emergency, North Platte is the first city in Nebraska to offer the service, Smart911, which has proven helpful across the county in cases of missing children, house fires and even vehicle accidents.

When you have a profile with Smart911, the information you entered shows up in-front of the person who takes your 9-1-1 call, this person could be the emergency dispatch who communicates the information to responding police officers, fire fighters or in some cases a medical emergency team.

The information you use is safe, secure and private. The information you supply are the time-saving details like how many family members and pets live at the residence, medical conditions, disabilities, pictures of children in the event of a kidnapping, mobile phone numbers and emergency contacts. These details are what you, in some cases, wish the dispatch already knew because it saves time and
"Currently when we receive an incoming 9-1-1 call, we have limited information. That is especially true for calls from mobile phones," said Mary Ann Agler, Telecommunications Supervisor for the North Platte Police Department. "Having more information to better understand the situation is an immeasurable benefit to our call takers." Information from a profile helps responders in the field. "Knowing what kind of situation we are walking in to can help us to better plan our response to save time, and ultimately lives," said Lt. Steve Reeves, North Platte Police Department. "Knowing vehicle information can assist us in locating an accident, or knowing there are pets on the property can help us provide a safe response for the citizen and our officers"makes for a better response plan, according to the North Platte Police Department's news release,

Smart911 makes a difference in over 300 communities spread across 26 states and the service is free-of-charge for anyone. You can create your Safety Profile by clicking here.

The news release also describes how the service proved useful in a missing child case,

"Having a Safety Profile has positively impacted emergencies across the country, including a missing child call during which a girl's photo and physical description was distributed to deputies while the mother was still on the phone with 9-1-1. The girl was recovered safely soon after the call was placed and law enforcement was far ahead of the normal timeframe when responding to the call."

If the protection of your family is a top priority, creating a Safety Profile with Smart911 is an idea you may want to consider.


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