New Program Enhances 911


Residents in Gem County can be more proactive about the safety and preparedness of their household as officials announced they have implemented Smart911 to enhance public safety services.

Smart911 is a national safety database that allows residents to create a free safety profile for their household that includes the information they want 911 to have in the event of an emergency. Once created, when a resident dials 911, their safety profile will immediately be displayed to call takers, allowing for a better understanding of the caller, their situation and greater emergency response.

“Having more information is an immeasurable benefit to emergency responders and we encourage citizens to create a Smart911 Safety Profile,” Lisa Resinkin, Gem County Dispatch supervisor said. “What citizens may not realize is that we receive very little information on their incoming 911 call, especially if it is made on a mobile phone. If they are unable to communicate the information we need, their profile can provide those vital details and our response teams can be dispatched to the correct location with the correct information to assist them. We can’t fill this information out for people.”

You may give as much — or as little — information as you like. Information entered can be catered to your specific needs. All of the information remains confidential, much like information given to a physician.

  • Medical information for yourself or the senior citizen in the home
  • A profile of each child in the home, including photograph in case they are missing
  • Let first responders know about the pets or animals
  • It can be used to give directions to your home, i.e. down a lane, red house on left

The program will send out a reminder to update the information every six months. If it is not updated, access lapses to information for emergency operators, Resinkin said.

In addition, many cellular telephones will not give a specific address if you call 911. With Smart911, you can add a specific home address to your profile information. A safety profile can be created anytime by logging on to  . Profiles can include all family members and their photos, medical information or conditions, disabilities, home details, vehicle information and even pets. The information contained in a profile is then relayed to response teams in the field as it pertains to the specific emergency. A photo can give police a timely advantage in the event of a missing child, fire crews can have information on how many people reside in a home and where their bedroom locations are and emergency medical teams can be made aware of allergies or pre-existing conditions that may affect treatment on scene.

Smart911 is a nationwide service that is private and secure and paid for by the municipality. With service activated in 23 states and over 300 municipalities, Gem County joins Elmore County as the second in Idaho to give residents the ability to be proactive about their family’s safety.

“By deploying Smart911 and urging citizens to create a Safety Profile, Gem County is demonstrating their commitment to delivering the most effective emergency services possible to area citizens,” Tom Axbey, president and CEO, Rave Mobile Safety said. “Municipalities are realizing how detailed information can dramatically improve emergency outcomes and as this public/private partnership expands, we can look forward to increased public safety across the entire country.”


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