New App To Help Texas Tech Students Stay Safe On Campus


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new safety initiative is underway at Texas Tech: a mobile app called Raider Safe. The Student Government Association and the department called RISE are working to educate students, faculty and staff about the app and how it can benefit them.

SGA External Vice President Alex DeRossi says so far, the campus has responded positively as they continue to learn about this new safety resource.

Most people are familiar with the emergency "blue lights" on campus, and as DeRossi explained, this app is a basically a mobile form of those as you can press a panic button that dials directly to Texas Tech PD.

But there are other features, such as a tool to make reporting crimes easier. Students can take a photo and anonymously submit something they feel isn't right to Tech PD.

"We thought an app would be the best way to be progressive in that area of offering these safety features with something that you're always holding," DeRossi said.

"We want all of the students to hear about it. We want them to try it out, give us feedback on it. This is our kind of first rodeo going to this kind of safety app stuff."

To download the app just search "Rave Guardian" in the app store. Logging in with your Texas Tech email address converts the app to Raider Safe.

"If students don't feel safe on campus, they're not going to be productive, they're not going to be efficient, they aren't going to do well here. So that is number one priority for us. And I think a lot of our initiatives are focused around that, with this app kind of being a good cornerstone of it. And us being able to put it in the hands of every student," DeRossi said.

As he said they are still testing it out, and feedback about ways to improve is welcomed by emailing any of the SGA officers.

Or you can visit their website, to find contact information.


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