New 911 System In Tangipahoa To Help Families Share Info With Responders


Smart911 Will Now Help Get the Right First Responders to the Right Place Faster in Tangipahoa Parish.

When a 911 call comes in, getting the right responders to the right place, in the quickest way, takes priority.

But once crews arrive, key information including names, ages and medical conditions take time to collect while help should be underway.

Next week, Tangipahoa Parish will roll out Smart911, a way for citizens to create a safety profile for their families so all questions are answered before first responders are even sent out.

"The people are able to go to a website and download all their personal information. It’s a very secure website, it’s free of charge," said Tangipahoa 911 Director Dennis Darouse.

Residents can put as much or as little information as they want, including pictures of the family and pets, home blueprints, car details and allergies. All of that can only be accessed with a 911 call from the registered numbers. It even has a text feature for the hearing impaired.

Not only can first responders access the information from their units, but they can also get it on their cell phones. And if you go out of town and the place that you're at has Smart 911, they can access your information just as if you were home.

Residents who know about it like it.

"In an emergency situation, time is of the essence so make sure that the right people are coming and that they know what they're getting into when they get there," said Robby Miller.

Business Owner Pat Murphy said, "They've got more information on my home and my business, where I might be located in the facility. I just feel more comfortable knowing that that info is available."

The parish is hoping most of its residents get on board that way too.

Lafourche, Terrebonne and Calcasieu parishes all use Smart 911.

The website,, will be open for registration to residents of Tangipahoa and St. Helena parishes on Monday.



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