NCCo Gets a More Personalized, Effective 911 System


When you call 911, every second counts, and now a new system in New Castle County will shave vital seconds off response time.

Imagine you were choking or hiding in the closet from an armed robber. You could dial 911 from your cell phone, but couldn't speak.

The county's new Smart911 system doesn't need to hear your voice to send vital information about you and your household to emergency responders.

"Having information on someone in the house who is physically or mentally disabled, and knowing the utility details such as gas and heat shutoff valves can make a huge impact on our response times," says Jeff Miller, acting chief of the county's emergency communications.

You can even upload photos of your home, family members and pets, including as much or as little information as you'd like.

"This private and secure safety profile will display automatically to the 911 call taker immediately when a citizen dials 911," says Miller.

County Police Chief Elmer Setting wishes Smart911 existed years ago.

"We had an individual that we did lose because she was unable to tell us what was wrong, the phone just cut off," he says.

The system that's only accessed when you dial 911 exists in 31 states and NCCo emergency operations is the first in the state to get their hands on it.

To build your own, free Smart911 personal profile free of charge, click here


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