Mobile Blue Light: Public Safety Launches New Service


In the event of an emergency while at Rensselaer, individuals may use the blue light phones found throughout campus to quickly connect them to the Department of Public Safety. Soon, Public Safety will offer a new service that allows instant access. RPI Guardian—set to launch this summer—works with an individual’s cell phone and can instantly alert Public Safety with critical individual information in an emergency, when activated.

RPI Guardian is a free, opt-in service that is available to all members of the Rensselaer campus community who have a valid RIN number and RCS account.

RPI Guardian is a free, opt-in service that is available to all members of the Rensselaer campus community who have a valid RIN number and RCS account. Upon registration, individuals will create a personal profile that may include information such as one’s physical description, address, known allergies, or other optional medical information.

Following successful user registration, the service will be accessible through an interactive voice menu reached by dialing a number dedicated to Rensselaer.

“The primary goal of the Department of Public Safety is to provide excellence in ensuring safety and security for our campus community,” said Roger Johnson, director of public safety. “RPI Guardian is a well-researched, proven tool that protects an individual’s privacy while transforming their mobile phone into a ‘mobile blue light’ phone that can provide Public Safety with an individual’s location and critical information needed for a rapid response.”

The service works in two ways. First, individuals may set-up a one-touch panic button on any cell phone using the number provided. As the phone speed-dials Public Safety, it triggers an alarm and automatically sends Public Safety critical profile information (including the individual’s name and photo). Based on the signal of the cell phone, a GPS locator is also activated—providing Public Safety with a visual proximity of the individual’s location. Second, individuals may activate a timer on their cell phones before walking across campus. When they reach their destination safely, they should deactivate the timer. If the timer is not deactivated, the cell phone will automatically call Public Safety.

RPI Guardian is a service of Rave Mobile Safety. The service is in use on several college campuses, including Penn State, Yale University, and Stony Brook University.

Johnson noted that the new mobile service should not replace the standard practice of contacting Public Safety to report campus-based police, fire, or medical emergencies. Individuals are still encouraged to contact the department at (518) 276-6611.

Instructions on how to sign up will be forthcoming and will be sent out via email to the campus community.

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