Lexington Officials Say New “Smart911” System Makes Citizens Safer


Lexington’s emergency 9-1-1 service just got a lot smarter - it now allows citizens to enter a variety of personal information so first responders are better prepared to address individual emergencies.

“Smart911 is a big step forward in public safety,” Lexington Mayor Jim Gray said. “Citizens can enter information or photos about their health, house or families, including their pets … anything that can help a firefighter or a police officer who is responding to their home.”

Lexington is one of the first cities in Kentucky to implement Smart911.

Police Chief Ronnie Bastin and Interim Fire Chief Keith Jackson agreed that the service will make citizens safer.

“This new technology will give officers valuable insight about how to protect and serve a 9-1-1 caller long before we arrive on scene,” Bastin said.”

Smart911 will provide our division the ability to provide a more efficient and service-oriented response upon notification. The updated information will allow our firefighters and officers the opportunity to pre-plan and develop more tactically sound incident mitigation when assisting our citizens,” Jackson said.

David Lucas, Lexington’s E 9-1-1 director, said any citizen can register information for Smart911 by going to www.Smart911.com. There is no charge. The service is supported by existing 9-1-1 fees.

When 9-1-1 is called from a registered phone number, Smart911 automatically delivers the information about the address the citizen has registered with that phone number to 9-1-1 operators, who in turn relay it to police, fire or emergency medical personnel at the scene. Smart911 uses a secure, confidential website.

  • Citizens enter the only information they choose to enter, for example:
  • Medical, including disabilities, disorders, impairments, medications and food or drug allergies.
  • House lay-out, for example bedroom locations, easiest access and tips to locate the address, itself.
  • Household, including number of family members and pets. For example, photos of all members of the household can be stored on Smart 9-1-1, making it easier and faster to implement Amber Alerts or Golden Alerts.
  • Vehicle information.
  • Restraining orders or emergency protective orders, for example in domestic violence situations.

“Smart911 gives first responders what they need to know to respond quickly and effectively,” Gray said. “It offers an opportunity to improve the public safety services we offer to each individual.”


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