Kansas College Launches App for Student, Staff Safety


GREAT BEND, Kan. (KAKE) — Campus safety is a top priority at colleges across the country, especially after shootings and attacks. Now, Barton Community College in Great Bend is launching a new app to keep students safe.

“There haven’t been many crime issues at the college, and school leaders want to keep it that way. They recently launched an app that turns any smart phone into a personal safety device.

It’s called “Rave Guardian,” an app that lets students and staff be connected to emergency help immediately.

“Having the app would be easier than dialing number press a button…make my mom feel better,” said Christa Elliott, a student at Barton Community College. “her knowing that I have the app would make her feel better.”

Once you download the app, you register your name, campus address and medical noted for campus safety in case of an emergency. The app allows a one-button call to campus safety officials or 911. And if you’re walking on campus or elsewhere, you can set a timer for when you should arrive. If you don’t arrive, the app will alert your family, friends or 911 if you set it up that way.

“The hope is we won't have to use it,” said Lucas Stoeling with campus safety. “It's an app we paid for that we hope we never have to use.”

For students, it’s just one more free way they can stay safe.

"It definitely would make me feel safe, knowing I could call 911 or my parents,” said student Lydia Konrade. “It's pretty nice.”


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