What Are IWU’s Safety Protocols?


An attack on the Ohio State University campus took place last month and left many shocked and disheartened by the event.

“Mostly I’m just saddened by the attack on the Ohio State campus” Assistant Professor of History Dr. Stephen Pierce said. “It’s sad to see a student who feels so disenfranchised and so marginalized on Ohio State’s campus that he would take that out in a violent way on other students.”

Indiana Wesleyan University has many protocols in place to keep the students and faculty safe from attacks like these.

IWU takes several different precautions when trying to keep its faculty and students safe. According to Andrew Parker, dean for Developmental Learning, Campus Police has the Rave Guardian, a campus safety app where students can contact campus police very easily.

In addition to Rave Guardian, Parker said Campus Police is also going to introduce the Rave Panic app next semester to faculty and staff. He said this app is a “punch of a button” — where campus police are notified right away of the emergency and the location.

“At IWU I do feel safe,” AJ Wilk (fr) said. “We’ve had a couple of break-ins recently but right when the break-in happened they sent out a text so people were notified… I feel like our campus police do a pretty nice job of keeping us informed and safe.”

IWU has its own police department on campus, Campus Police, to help keep IWU safe and secure for all students, visitors and faculty members.

“Campus police has conducted trainings for faculty, for staff and even in residence halls related to active shooter and self-defense,” Parker said.  “(IWU also) maintains a working relationship with the Grant County school safety commission.”

Parker said on campus, IWU has its own emergency preparedness team, which is a group of people that focuses on the internal processes and plans for emergency situations and is continually improving revising those as needed.

“The best things students can do is to be aware of their surroundings and help us maintain security on campus.” said Parker “the more proactive we can be and the more prepared students can help minimize whatever impact can occur during an active shooter event or some other unfortunate event.”

Parker also encourages students to watch the video he sent out via e-mail to students that says students should do three things regarding an active shooter: run, hide and fight.

Wilk is glad IWU sent out an e-mail to the student body about campus safety.

“I think the safety protocols weren’t as well-known as they could’ve been before we had this incident” Wilk said. “But I think after this incident they did a nice job of getting it out there but I think what could’ve been better is us knowing earlier.”

In case of a campus attack, Parker said students are encouraged to call Campus Police at (765) 677-4911 and using the Rave Guardian app.

Source: The Sojourn


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