Ipswich Police Urge: Sign Up for Smart911


The Existing Ipswich Emergency Management Smart911 Service Will Now Include Options to Opt-In to Receive Emergency Alerts from Police & Town Officials.

wickedLocalThe existing Ipswich Emergency Management Smart911 service will now include options to opt-in to receive emergency alerts from police and town officials.

Emergency Management made the free Smart911 service available in December and it enables all residents to create a safety profile for their household with information they would want emergency management to know.

These details can include general data on a household — ranging from the identity of residents, locations of bedrooms and utility information — to specific details about disabilities and medical conditions requiring such things as oxygen, dialysis and more.

Public safety officials can quickly use this data to identify needs in the community and expedite emergency response and recovery efforts during emergencies such as winter storms.

"This creates a simple, one-step process for citizens to manage not only their personal safety profile, but also improves their ability to receive emergency notifications all through one account," said Lt. Jonathan Hubbard, emergency management director. "We encourage all citizens to sign up at smart911.com if they have not already done so. The information they can provide to us through their safety profile can help us more effectively plan for and respond to disasters or other emergency situations."

This service will replace the existing Blackboard Connect service previously used for emergency alerts. All residents who were previously signed up to receive notifications through Blackboard should sign up for the new service at www.smart911.com in order to continue receiving alerts.

Citizens who have already signed up for Smart911 can log into their account at smart911.com and update their preferences to include emergency alerts. Those who wish to create a new account can do so at any time.

Additionally, Smart911 is a national service for participating 9-1-1 centers. Anytime a citizen dials 9-1-1 anywhere in the country and their call is answered by a 9-1-1 center that supports Smart911, their safety profile will be available to emergency responders to provide faster, more informed emergency response.


Posted June 28, 2014


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