IntraLogic Solutions to announce first ever National Common Operating Picture (COP) Platform


As recently reported by Government Security News, Intralogic Solutions, Inc. a leading global school security, and government developer and integrator, and Rave Mobile Safety, a respected creator of innovative public safety and communication software have announced a partnership to develop an integrated service offering that will benefit both schools and first responders during crisis situations, including ones involving active shooters.

According to the partners, the new solution combines Rave’s Panic Button application and 9-1-1 data delivery capabilities with robust video surveillance, interactive rich digital floor plans, One Button Lockdown and access control technology. The combined solution will allow first responders full access to critical information about a situation from any location, including while en route via a secure, mobile broadband connection.

In an August 10 interview with Intralogic CEO Lee Mandel, GSN learned that the integrated technologies offer a unique technological breakthrough experience that no other company is presently offering. Rather than the traditional 9-1-1 process to call police, the new, integrated technology can send critical information within milliseconds to a 9-1-1 call center.

“When someone hits the panic button in a school, the 9-1-1 center is immediately activated giving operators full command and control to help find the shooter while the first responders are still in transit. They can then remotely open the doors and guide the responders to exactly where the shooter is,” said Mandel. “No one else on a national level is offering this comprehensive solution. Additionally the panic button can initiate a lockdown which will, locks all the doors automatically, flash strobe lights, send text messages to parents, teachers, and students, and take over all computer screens while playing a pre-recorded message over the P.A. system.”

Mandel indicated that the technology is a first of its kind agnostic platform that allows integration from any manufacturer. IntraLogic considers this an advanced PSIM solutions.

Mandel and his company have been getting a lot of attention from major companies in the field who understand that clients have never been able to customize in this manner, “with one common operating picture.”

Founded by Mandel in 2004, IntraLogic focused mainly on software development in its early years, working for a lot of businesses on Long Island, NY and other nearby states. The turning point, said Mandel, was when the company got on its first government contract which enables any government agency to purchase products from pre-bid, published lists. Currently, the company serves over 160 School Districts nationally including 49 of the 57 districts in Nassau County, 30 in Suffolk County and over 80 throughout Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and across the United States.

IntraLogic’s overall list of clients include schools, townships, municipalities, as well as a contract with the MTA Long Island Railroad, which buys its Cameras, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms and Command Centers. On the private side, the company works with some very well known National Retail chains with hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. and overseas.

As impressive as these entrepreneurial accomplishments may seem, Mandel made it clear to GSN that another major breakthrough is going to be announced in early September, although he is not at liberty to announce who this major client is – except to assure us that the pending client is a very significant organization.

“We’ve been working with our clients as an integrator, manufacturer, and software developer. Our goal is to offer a one stop shop for our clients and partners.”

“With our new Common Operating Picture we can now take all school districts, malls, schools, hospitals, municipalities, villages and other critical assets and tie them to a centralized platform. We can go to any government agency around the world and create this without replacing their existing technology. It’s the first of its kind agnostic platform that allows us to integrate technology from any manufacturer.”

Along with many readers, GSN is eager to learn more about this exciting new platform, and how it will enhance technology and security around the globe!

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