Idaho State University's New Campus Safety App


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Idaho State/ Campus SafetyIdaho State University says a new smart phone app will help improve safety on campus. The app is called Rave-Guardian and is free to download on Android on IOS devices. Campus safety officials say the app is connected to ISU emergency notification system that uses text messages, phone calls and emails to alert the public to critical situations on campus. It also includes a mobile duress button that can transmit the induvial GPS location, telephone number photograph and vehicle information directly to campus safety and virtual safety escort.

Lewis Eakins the Director of Public Safety at ISU "There is no reason why this time. But we are spending a lot more money to keep them up and running. And often times we have to put a cover over them because they are not working.  So we want to make sure that if people are used to seeing a blue light even if they never use it, that they can now use their smart phones for the same purpose."



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