Georgia Colleges Use Technology to Keep Students Safe


Rave-GuardianSchool officials at Georgia College & State University and Mercer University say they are always thinking of ways to enhance student safety.One way to do this is through the use of technology.

Georgia College & State University Patrol Lieutenant Gary Purvis said the newest one to hit students phones is the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App.

"Students walking down the street, from the bar at 3 o'clock in the morning, and they feel like somebody is following them and they just want public safety's presence, all they have to do is hit the Guardian Rave App," said Purivs. "It'll give you options, you can send a tip, you can call 911 or you can call us," he said.

That call goes straight to dispatch and lets them know your GPS location. "I think it's really important that we have all the apps we do because students are very technologically based, we're always on our phone," said Jennifer McReynolds, freshman.

McReynolds works patrol for "Student Night Auxiliary Patrol," or SNAP."Our main goal is to keep people safe and we don't want people walking back at night from downtown or from the library alone or even in small groups," she said.

If students need SNAP's help, they just have to call or use the Georgia College app. "You can choose your location that you are, and you can chose any location on campus or in apartments. And then where to drop them off and then how many people and then you can send it in and it goes straight to dispatch," said Reynolds.

Like Georgia College, Mercer also uses Rave Guardian and has call boxes. From Wednesday to Saturday students can use a trolley to get downtown.

"And if they want to visit a restaurant, bar, they can do that, they can come back on campus. That trolley when it's running, runs until 3 o'clock in the morning," said Gary Collins, police chief.

Junior Carley Rampy remembers the helpful advice campus police gave her freshman year.

"Don't go anywhere by yourself, at night, like don't even walk through campus by yourself. And if you do have to walk by yourself make sure you have your keys if you're going to your car, something like that. Make sure you have your cell phone," said Rampy.

Both schools encourage students to call them, even if they've been underage drinking.

"Not that we're endorsing the drinking, but there safety is our priority," said Collins.


WMAZ CBS News 9-22-14


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