Framingham Police are Putting Smart911 to Work


In an Effort to Better Protect the Public, the Framingham Police Department is calling on Residents to Provide 9-1-1 Responders with More Information before an Emergency Strikes.

1202_911_call01Police and other first responders know best that in an emergency, every second counts.

So, in an effort to better protect the public, the Framingham Police Department is calling on residents to share information the town can use to answer 911 calls more effectively.

Who’s in your family? Does anyone have allergies or special medical conditions? Do you have any pets? How about an emergency contact? Police are urging residents to provide this kind of info through a product the town is now using, Smart911.

In a presentation to selectmen this week, Deputy Police Chief Steve Trask, the town’s emergency management director, described how the service works and why it’s helpful.

Residents start by going online to to create a free household safety profile that pops up for dispatchers to see during 911 calls, Trask said.

The information comes up in seconds, "when time really counts," he said. Police can instantly tell who is calling for help, and where they are.

People can share as much or as little information as they want with 911 call takers and first responders, including notes.

They can even upload photos that dispatchers could immediately send out to officers if, say, a child goes missing, Trask said.

By knowing about pets, firefighters going to battle a house fire will know if there are animals to rescue inside.

"All these little things can help us in a time of need," Trask said.

He said police are hoping to get one quarter of Framingham residents signed up - and especially seniors, people with disabilities and families with autistic children.

Selectmen only questioned whether the information residents enter is safe, but said they’re glad that Framingham has this service

"This is a great program for the safety of the public," board member Laurie Lee said.

Trask said residents shouldn’t worry about providing information since the data is stored on a private and secure website and police can only access it when someone calls 911.

"We can’t search the database," he said.

Framingham is the second town in Massachusetts behind Milford to implement the technology service, offered by Framingham-based Rave Mobile Safety.

Trask said the company and police will have information on the service at annual Town Meeting, and officers will have bumper stickers about Smart911 on their cruisers.


Posted on Feb. 28, 2014

Written By Danielle Ameden, Wicked Local


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