Framingham Implements Smart911 Service


metrowest_dailyFramingham has implemented Smart911, a service by a local firm that allows citizens to create and automatically share safety profiles with first responders.

The company, Rave Mobile Safety, today announced its partnership with the town and Framingham Police Department.

Citizens can create a safety profile for their household at with  photos and any information they want 9-1-1 operators and response teams to have during an emergency, such as allergies or medical conditions. The safety profile is automatically displayed for public safety dispatchers during a 9-1-1 call.
"During any type of emergency, having the necessary details to understand the situation and then dispatch the appropriate response is of vital importance," Police Chief Steven Carl said. "Smart911 is a way for citizens to give us those details through a private and secure website in advance. A citizen's Safety Profile can provide information that would affect officers approach to a location or the course of treatment, and our response teams can now arrive on scene better prepared to respond to the individual in need."

Rave Mobile Safety said more than 350 municipalities in 29 states have adopted its public safety network.

Milford was the first town in Massachusetts to implement Smart911 in March.


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