Eloy 911 Calls Will Include Profiles


ELOY — Emergency responders in Eloy are rolling out a new technology, called Smart911, a free service that provides information to police officers and firefighters right when they receive a call, which saves valuable time.

“It can dramatically improve the outcome of emergencies, especially when dialing 9-1-1 from a mobile phone,” said Eloy Police Chief Bill Pitman in a press release about the system.

Smart911 works as an opt-in database where citizens can create a safety profile that would include any information they would want 911 responders to know in an emergency situation.

For Eloy resident Shannon Smith, a mother of five, the system gives her some peace of mind. She signed up for Smart911 mostly due to her 4-year-old son, who is non-verbal autistic and has a tendency to wander out of their house at any given moment.

“If we leave the door unlocked, he’s out that door,” Smith said.

Now, in the event that he does go roam down the streets and gets lost, as has happened in the past, dialing 911 would instantly give the responders a picture of her son and let them know that he is non-verbal and has a tendency to wander.

The technology can give an address when a call is made from a cellphone, even if the call is dropped. The profile can also detail the easiest ways to enter homes in the event of a fire, as well as provide accurate numbers for the amount of people and pets in the home. For those that have medical issues, allergies or other co-morbidities, the safety profile would outline important details on how to treat patients. The profile also includes emergency contacts in the event that no one in the family can be reached.

Eloy is the third region in Arizona to start employing this technology, which is in place in 40 states and over 1,500 cities across the country.

“With the ability to shorten response time when every second counts, I have no doubt that Smart911 will have a lifesaving impact in our community,” said Sgt. Brian Jerome, who is the communications supervisor of the Eloy Police Department.

For citizens interested in making a safety profile so that 9-1-1 responders can better suit their needs, they can go to www.smart911.com.

All the information in the profile is only made available to 911 responders when there is an emergency.

By Tanner Clinch, Staff Writer



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