Elk Grove Police Department Introduces ‘Smart911’


Smart911 System Gives 9-1-1 Info about Callers’ Household, Medical Conditions during Emergencies

Smart911 Webbadge pic_lgThe Elk Grove police have a new service that aims to help officers and other first responders know more about a caller’s household and medical conditions when they receive an emergency call.

This “Smart911” system has been used in the East Coast for the past several years and it is relatively new in California, Elk Grove police spokesperson Christopher Trim said.

“What it does is allow residences to create a safety profile of virtual personal and household data including household members, pets, photos, location, and medical conditions, which would immediately be available to a 911 dispatcher whenever a resident places an emergency call,” he said.

Trim said that Elk Grove is California’s second city to use this program, and the first city in northern California.

“It certainly is an effective tool for responders to use in case there is an actual emergency,” Trim said. “Where we need to get information quickly, having a safety profile makes sure that information is available to the 911 call-takers, and what’s unique about this is you can put in as much data as you want. It’s user-driven, so if the person wants to put in as much information as they can, then they can do that.”

Elk Grove police said that Smart911 not only enhances communication with residents but also assists in locating callers. Smart911 allows residents to associate their family’s cell phones to home and work addresses, and even specific family members which can assist with dispatching the appropriate response team quickly.

Smart911 is a free service that is available to all residence and is kept private and secure. They have also added the benefit of being in the National Safety Database, which gives citizens the ability to have their information travel with them.


Posted on August 8, 2014

By Emanuel Espinoza



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