Eaton 911 Director Says Smart911 "Will Saves Lives"


In a heart attack or a missing person, seconds save lives.

But not everything in an emergency needs to be out of your hands. Not with Smart 911. It's an online, free safety profile that puts lifesaving information in the hands of dispatchers even before you pick up the phone to call for help.

“You’re in that fight or flight mode. It happens often, when people forget to tell us something, or they can't remember information. This allows us to have access to all your information and you don't have to worry about telling us about it,” said April Heinze, Director, Eaton County Central dispatch.

Information as simple as your address because, unless you’re on a land line, police don't have it.

“When you dial 911 from a cell phone, all we get is the latitude and longitude. It's not 100 percent accurate. So if you call within a home, we don't have that address, we get an approximate location,” said Heinze.

And Smart911 would come in handy, say, if someone broke into your home, and you couldn't speak.

You can also input any medical conditions, whether you have special needs, whether you have pets, even horses and it's a family profile, so you can add information for each family member.

In the event a child goes missing, you can input their picture and all of their physical attributes. That information gets forwarded to police and they can begin their search.

And your profile travels with you. As of right now 11 counties in Michigan have dispatch centers with the technology.

You may live in Ingham County, which doesn't have Smart911, but if you dial in Eaton County, your profile pops up.

“There are so many different situations where this will save lives,” said Heinze.

In addition to your online profile you can also sign up to have first responders check-in on you during situations, like power outages. You can also sign up to receive phone calls letting you know of natural disasters in your area.


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