DuPage County Encourages Residents to Sign Up For 'Smart911'


DUPAGE COUNTY, IL - DuPage County is making a push for its residents to sign up for Smart911, a free safety service that helps first responders approach emergency situations more effectively.

DuPage’s Emergency Telephone System Board website describes Smart911 as an information-enhancing tool. Any resident or household can create a profile online and fill that profile with details about their addresses, medical histories, disabilities, medications and anything else first responders might need to know in a dire situation.

If a resident of DuPage County makes an emergency call anywhere within county lines, their profile information will be displayed automatically to the 911 dispatcher, who will pass the info on to first responders.

The idea is that crucial time spent on the phone is cut drastically.

Seconds count in an emergency, and first responders who are better informed can help you faster,” DuPage’s website statesPatch IL.

More than 26,000 households in the county are already signed up for the service.
Smart911 is adamant on its website about its privacy policy and ensures the service will treat your information with complete security and confidentiality. You can also choose how much or how little you’d like to share on your profile.

DuPage encourages residents to sign up for the service for several reasons, among them the fact that 72 percent of 911 calls come from mobile phones, and those phones can be hard to trace to a location. In an emergency, having address information on file can be extremely useful.

The service is also helpful in the case of missing persons, since users can upload photos that can immediately be circulated around the community and to other police departments. A caller also might dial 911 but be unable to speak or be in a situation where making noise is dangerous — in this case, the 911 dispatcher knows who’s calling without having to directly communicate with the person on the other line.

Registration for Smart911 is completely free and can be accessed on its website. Additional information is also available on DuPage County’s ETSB site.



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