Collier County Launches Smart911


It’s called Smart911. All residents need to do is go online to and create a profile.

“Taking five minutes now to create your profile can save your life or the life a family member in an emergency,” says Krista Williamson, PIO with the Collier Co. Sheriff’s Office.

The profile asks you to register your name, address, medical history and other important information.

The next time you call 911, all that information will immediately be available to dispatch.

“Perhaps you’re having an asthma attack or perhaps you have a small child calling 911. They may not know all the information to provide the dispatcher, so it’s going to be readily available immediately,” says Williamson.

The program is used in cities across the country. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Naples Police Department used 911 funds to launch the program in Collier County.

The information you provide will only be used in the case of an emergency.


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