The City of Medford Improves 9-1-1 Response Initiatives with Smart911


Responding to Emergencies in the City of Medford, Massachusetts is Growing more Efficient, Thanks to Framingham-based Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart911 Service.

MEDFORD POLICE BADGELaunching in Medford today, Smart911 allows residents to fill out profiles in advance, giving first responders valuable information before they get on scene.

“When you call from a mobile phone, there’s very little information provided,” said Todd Miller, an executive at Rave Mobile Safety. With Smart911, “all of that critical safety profile information is shared.”

Smart911, which is in more than 450 cities and towns nationwide, can tell first responders about medical conditions, or a caller’s apartment number if they live in a large apartment complex. That supplemental information helps dispatchers to send an appropriate response as soon as they receive the call, Miller said.

“It’s going to help develop a better quality of life as it relates to emergency services,” said Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn. “You know if they have a boa constrictor or a pit bull, you know what their medications are.”

Medford is the first Bay State city to sign on with Smart911, but the service is already live in towns including Milford and Framingham. More towns will be announced in the coming weeks, Miller said.


Posted on February 27, 2014

By Jordan Graham, Boston Herald


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