Capital University Enhances Emergency Communication, Response With Rave Mobile Safety


Capital University has announced the latest development in the President’s Safety Initiative, a multiyear plan that has resulted in more than $1 million in investments to enhance safety and security on Capital’s campuses.

The University has selected Rave Mobile Safety as the service provider for emergency notifications delivered through CapAlert, the University’s free emergency notification system. Through its simplified, one-stop approach to emergency notification across many communication platforms, Rave will help Capital respond and communicate more efficiently during emergencies that pose an ongoing and significant risk to the health and safety of those on its campuses.

“The new technology behind CapAlert is more sophisticated. It reflects our community’s use of a variety of communication tools and allows us to reach more people faster,” explained Dr. Tanya Poteet, university counsel, chief safety officer and chair of the Safety Implementation Team. “At the same time, we’ve streamlined the launch process for people authorized and trained to use the system during an emergency. All of this adds up to better crisis response and a safer community.”

More Communication Tools

CapAlert now is able to send emergency notifications and information to:

Cell phones and other devices that receive text messages
Digital public displays (Channels 2 and 3, also known as CapNet, the University’s closed circuit television network)
Campus computer desktop alerts (for office, lab and classroom computers)
Big Voice, Capital’s commercial public address system that broadcasts prerecorded or live messages so they can be clearly heard throughout the campus grounds
Designated pages on via RSS feeds
Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter
Email accounts, such as, Gmail and Yahoo
1-855-CUALERT, a voice bulletin board that will deliver emergency information to people who call in for updates

The new system also allows subscribers to register multiple communication devices or alternative email accounts — up to four. Most people don’t have four cell phones or email accounts, so users can register a parent’s or spouse’s cell phone in addition to theirs.

Open to More People

CapAlert is now open to some students and employees outside of Capital University. The system allows people who are not Capital students or employees, but who attend classes or work here, to sign up to receive emergency notifications. That means students, faculty and staff members in the University of Dayton program at Capital University, along with employees of Ohio Support Services, Parkhurst Dining Services, Aetna Building Maintenance, and other contractors, can now sign up for CapAlert at (You will need your Capital University ID username and password. If you do not have these, contact the Office of Information Technology at 236-6508 or Log in with your Capital University ID username and password and follow the prompts to complete registration.

An Easy Transition

One of the best things about the switch to Rave is those who currently subscribe to CapAlert don’t have to do anything until it’s time to update their emergency contact information. If someone has already signed up for CapAlert and verified their information is current, they won’t have to do anything for 90 days, when the system automatically will prompt them to verify their information again. Capital students and employees who haven’t signed up for CapAlert, or who haven’t verified their information in the last 90 days, will be prompted to do that through WebAdvisor.

Even the best emergency notification system is useless if its data is old or, worse, non-existent. So, the University will ask its students and employees regularly — every 90 days — to opt in or verify their emergency contact information through an email at the start of each semester, and through WebAdvisor. Students will receive the prompt when they review their final grades. Staff members will be prompted when they review their pay advices. Faculty members will be asked to sign up or update their information when they enter grades at the end of the semester and when they check their pay advices.

Sign up for CapAlert

Capital students or employees who haven’t signed up for CapAlert should go to and sign in with their University ID username and password. Select the appropriate button to the right — Students or Employees — and then select the CapAlert Opt-In link. For employees, this link will be under Employee Profile. For students, this link will be under Academic Profile. Follow the prompts to complete registration.


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