Campus Police Use Parking Pass Increase Revenue For New Safety App


featureimageapp-2-576x437The cost for an Indiana Wesleyan University parking pass increased this year from $15 to $50.

According to Mario Rangel, director of Campus Police and emergency management, the revenue from the increase is going to be used “strictly for emergency preparedness and safety.”

Some of the revenue will go to installing security cameras, purchasing new uniforms and laptops, to train students who worktimerpic-438x320 for the department and more.

The revenue was also used to launch a new safety app called The Rave Guardian.  With this app, students are able to use their student e-mail address for a login and be able to add their information to their profile. There are multiple features on the app to ensure campus safety for students.
One feature in the app is a safety timer, where students can set a timer for themselves for when they will be back to their destination. If the timer expires, it will notify Campus Police.

Another feature is submitting an anonymous tip, where a student can share information with Rangel without him knowing their identity.

“It’stipspic-1-335x320 just a way for students to report things that may be difficult to report if they are their co-workers or friends,” Rangel said. “But yet you’re still concerned about this person’s safety.”

Other features on the app include an emergency contact list, a button to call Campus Police and a button to call 9-1-1.

Rangel said he is very appreciative of students paying for the parking passes so Campus Police is able to improve the safety on campus.

“It’s all thanks to everyone for the parking permits and for students pouring into this,” Rangel said. “We’re going to use the money the best we know how to keep the students safe.”

Students who want to know more information about why the parking passes increased and about the department, can click on the “Campus Police” tab under “IWU Life” on MyPortal.


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