Baker Touts New Statewide 9-1-1 Program


State Sen. Gilbert Baker of Conway took pride Monday in announcing that Arkansas will be the first state to launch Smart911, an innovative program that supporters believe will give emergency responders more detailed information than ever before.

Although the program has been introduced by Rave Mobile Safety, which deals with campus and public safety, Arkansas is the first to implement Smart911 statewide.

Baker, a Republican, was particularly proud of the bipartisan support the measure received.

“With Smart911, we are providing our 9-1-1 centers and emergency responders with the best possible tool to protect all of our citizens,” he said. “Regardless of political affiliation, there is no greater priority than the well-being of those we serve.”

Smart911 allows residents to create safety profiles online at The profiles are automatically displayed to 9-1-1, but only during emergency calls and in communities with the service. This data can include home addresses associated with mobile phone numbers, specific medical conditions and disabilities, a list and photos of family members, floor plans and other rescue-related data.

The information will allow emergency responders to have a comprehensive understanding of the scene before they arrive. The information can vary for different types of emergencies. For example, emergency medical system personnel will be able to know about medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and life-saving treatments before they arrive at the scene. Firefighters, however, will be able to know the layout of a home as well as how many residents are inside, whether residents have special needs and if any pets are inside.

The program could be especially important when it comes to missing children, officials said. Police would be able to have instant access to a child’s information, including a photograph.

The national database will hold any person who creates a safety profile. If the person calls from a line registered to his profile, the vital information can be viewed by emergency responders.

“Through new technology and at no cost to taxpayers, Arkansas is leading the way in public safety by helping front-line responders in each and every city and town resolve emergencies more effectively and save lives,” said Baker, who is term-limited at the end of the year.


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