Atlanta’s 911 Responders Add Web Tool to Improve Service


Atlanta public safety officials are rolling out a new interactive web service to improve the efficiency of 911 calls.

The new system - called Smart 911- gives residents the chance to create free web profiles that can include anything from phone numbers and email addresses to more critical information like special medical conditions.

Then, when emergencies occur, 911 operators can access the profiles and relay the information to first responders.

Atlanta Fire Rescue Chief Kelvin Cochran says the system will help save lives.

“Seconds count so when dispatchers are able give firefighters that information, EMTs can begin to triage their care and treatment protocols and when they arrive on the scene, they know exactly what conditions they’re dealing with,” said Cochran.

Cochran says it’ll be especially useful for the elderly, the disabled, and households with young children and pets.

To those who have raised privacy concerns over the program, Cochran says that all Smart 911 profiles will be completely voluntary and private.

Already underway in cities in and outside of Georgia, the Atlanta Smart 911 system can be accessed through the Atlanta police department’s website.


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