Arkansas 1st In Nation To Roll Out Statewide Smart911 Service


This morning at 10 a.m., Arkansas marked the first statewide deployment of Smart911 in the country. A press conference in the Rotunda at the State Capitol Building in Little Rock this morning included Arkansas Attorney General, Dustin McDaniel and representatives from advocacy groups such as Autism Speaks, and the Morgan Nick Foundation.

With Smart911, citizens create safety profiles online that automatically display to 9-1-1, during emergency calls in communities with the service. Information provided to 911 operators would then be relayed to emergency responders. This could include your apartment unit, relevant disabilities, and the dispatch of any nearby and available police units to your location for a wellness check.

Other critical information that an individual might choose to have listed in their 911 profile could include number of household residents, their medical conditions, and the hiding places of a child who hides when afraid. This could become crucial information in the event of a fire, medical, or other emergency event.

The service is paid for through a 911 Tax surcharge already in place with phone service providers. To register for the service, go to and follow the prompts for creating your safety profile.


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