App Promises Faster Response Time To School Threats


This year officials from 13 Nassau County school districts have a smartphone app that can quickly notify police of an active shooter in a school.

Nassau officials say they have spent almost $1.5 million on the app and hope all public and private schools will take advantage it.

Lee Mendel, founder and CEO of the Massapequa-based Intralogic Solutions, developed the app. He says schools will be better prepared to face a Newtown-type scenario.  WSHU Public Radio

“You know, seconds matter, seconds save lives: We really put this technology together to really enhance the response time to hopefully save some seconds that will save lives. ”

If there were an active shooter, school administrators would be able to contact Nassau police at the push of a button on the app. Once activated, police can view real-time surveillance cameras and even lock and unlock doors.

Mendel says more Nassau and some Suffolk County schools are also evaluating the app.

By JD Allen


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