Albuquerque Police Department Wants Smart911 Service


smart911 demo buttonAlbuquerque police are making a push for a new technology that could speed up their response to 911 calls.

Operators answer 1,000 phone calls each day inside Albuquerque police’s 911 center. Manager Erika Wilson makes it a point to strive for efficiency.

“We're always looking for future implementation to benefit the citizen so we can provide faster and better service,” Wilson said.

Wilson wants new software called Smart911. She said it could improve the way dispatchers handle calls from cell phones.

Right now, if someone makes a 911 call in the city of Albuquerque, police only get the phone number and the latitude and longitude lines from where the call was made. If they want to get the caller’s name, address or emergency contacts, they would have to go through the cell phone provider which takes away precious minutes. Smart911 would ease that process.

“The citizen is able to sign up online … and they can upload information such as medical information, family information, home address, and business information so that way we have more information when we get your cellular phone call,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Smart911 comes through in times when operators don’t know much about the caller.

“If we get a hang up call from you for some reason, it will give us additional information without us having to call your cellular provider to request your home address to try and locate you,” Wilson said.

If the department decides to get Smart911, it will cost nearly $100,000.

APD is also looking to install software that would allow the public to text police with tips. That’s never been available in Albuquerque before.


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