Limestone AL: 911 Introduces Safety App to Schools


In an emergency, seconds count.the News Courier

Limestone County E911 is in the business of cutting down those seconds, especially when the emergency involves children, teens and school personnel.

At a Thursday press conference, emergency officials announced the implementation of a new system for teachers to notify responders directly from campus.

The Rave Panic Button allows educators in Athens City and Limestone County schools to access medical, fire and law enforcement personnel with the push of a button on their smartphone.

Once activated, the application establishes a call to 911 and, even if a caller cannot speak, the software gives dispatchers a detailed picture of the nature of the call.

“It's immediate location verification,” explained Limestone County E911 CEO RV White. “... and we could use all the help we can get.”

Working through the Smart911 network, emergency communicators are provided with information that is crucial to response, such as the nature of the call (whether it is medical, fire or law enforcement-related) and the location of the call.

Once a call is placed through the panic button, dispatchers have access to building floor plans and names and phone numbers of school district officials to notify as many people as possible of the situation.

“This is obviously a very visionary program,” said Limestone County Superintendent Tom Sisk. “As educators, we understand the unique role we play in children's lives and we want to do everything in our power to protect them.”

Like the SafeDefend system Limestone County Schools has implemented over the last two years, the Rave Panic Button notifies all registered users within a school once the system has been activated. Sisk and his officers are also notified immediately about potential incidents.

Unlike SafeDefend, however, Rave can be used for medical and fire emergencies outside the classroom.

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