350k Earthquake Alert Messages Delivered in 8 Minutes: Rave Mobile Helps People Stay Safe


It’s a simple concept but provides tremendous peace of mind.

Framingham-based Rave Mobile Safety aims to offer a layer of safety with the use of your mobile phone through solutions such as Rave Guardian, Rave Alert, Smart911, and EyeWitness. Yesterday’s earthquake was a testament to how successful the mobile network is in pushing out vital messages to a connected network.

While the company’s focus is more on college campuses, yesterday’s earthquake is a prime example of how Rave Mobile connects individuals. Using Rave Alert, customers sent more than 350,000 messages in less than 10 minutes. Administrators can seamlessly push out messages for both smartphone and tablet users, up to 103,000 text messages per minute and 8,000 voice messages per minute.

This coordinated effort that Rave Mobile provides make yesterday’s earthquake a little more manageable. Several buildings evacuated not only in Virginia, but all the way up the coast into Boston. Companies that partner with Rave Mobile have the ability to leverage both text, voice, and other channels in order to get a coordinated message out to all employees.

Rave Alert’s purpose far extends that of natural disaster, however. University of Massachusetts recently partnered with Rave Mobile to offer the alert program on the Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell campuses, as well as the President’s Office. Alerts on campus can be transmitted through SMS, e-mail, voice, RSS feeds, PA systems and more, in order to guarantee that college students area safely alerted to abnormal activity.

Jeffrey Hescock, Emergency Planning Manager at the University of Massachusetts said, “The safety of our students, faculty and staff is vital to maintaining the strong reputation of our University. We conducted a rigorous industry-wide evaluation of all campus safety solutions and were immediately impressed with Rave Mobile Safety’s products and history of reliability.”

Boston schools are a perfect case study for the adoption of Rave Mobile’s campus safety services (Rave Alert, EyeWitness, Rave Guardian, and Campus Messenger) as many schools are embedded into the city. As college students return for the upcoming school year at UMass, other Boston-area colleges that have not partnered with Rave Mobile should watch how the service is adopted by the college network. It could be a beneficial system to put into place in order to get in touch with the student body in a timely fashion.


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