2017 Fiscal Year Includes Funds to Expand Smart911 Services in Michigan


Calley made the announcement Monday at the Macomb County Communications and Technology Center.

Adding enhanced 911 services provides  dispatchers with access to helpful background information about an individual that can be useful and cut down on response time during an emergency situation.

The 2017 budget includes $2.2 million for expanded 911 services and Michigan State Police has finalized the agreement for these services with Rave Mobile Safety, allowing dispatch centers across the state to enroll in the program this year without charge to the community.

The State of Michigan is working with Rave Mobile Safety to provide its Smart911 service program to all communities statewide.

Smar911 is a data platform that dispatchers will have access to when a 911 call is made. Residents can create a free safety profile and enter information that may be helpful when a 911 call is made. The service also provides 911 call takers and dispatchers with the ability to communicate through text message with any caller that dials 911 from a mobile phone.

Monday’s event included Dan Hoffman from the Traverse City area, whose life was saved after dispatchers used his Smart911 profile to locate him while his home was on fire. He was unable to speak when he called 911 and his location on the Grand Traverse Bay wasn’t easy to identify but his address information was in his Smart911 profile. Dispatchers were able to use this information and save 11 minutes of response time to rescue him from the fire in his home.

32 Public Safety Answering Points in Michigan already use Smart911. The $2.2 million in funding allows all Points to utilize this service in 2017.

Originally posted by November 15, 2016 by Jacob Owens on minews26.com


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