New UT App Features Designed to Enhance Campus Safety


NSAM_Be A GuardianThe University of Tennessee Police Department says the UT Alert emergency messaging system has had several new improvements to help enhance safety on campus.

The UT app now includes the Guardian app. Faculty, staff and students should create a safety profile in the Guardian app using their UT email address. Features include being able to send UTPD an anonymous tip by tapping the red “Emergency” button followed by the green “Send a Tip” button on the next screen. Users will then be able to type a confidential message and attach photos.

The “Call” button places an emergency call to UTPD and the “911” button calls the closest 911 center.

“I think, me, learning the campus and not knowing the ins and outs of where is safe, I honestly, think this app is going to help keep me safe,” said Matthew Maxwell, a recent transfer student.

UT Police Chief Troy Lane said many people requested that the safety timer feature be part of the app. Users can let a close friend, nearby family member, or UTPD know where they are going and for how long. They can then be notified when the user does not check in within a set amount of time.

“If people feel safer knowing that we’re just a push of a button away, they can provide us tips in another unique way, then we’re happy with that,” said Chief Troy Lane.

Lane said the app replaced their old “text to tip” system with several new features at about the same price of around $5,000. The basics are still part of the app like calling UTPD or 911 along with sending in a tip.

It’s already put some students at ease.

“You want to be able to feel safe. You want to be able to go about your day not worrying about am I going to be in harm’s way tonight?,” said Maxwell.

Users must enable location when creating their safety profile and are encouraged to add information about special needs and medical conditions. The information will then be available to police and medical responders in the event of a serious emergency.

More online: Download the UT App

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