MSP School Safety Grants and Rave Panic Button


Rave Mobile Safety is already partnering with many colleges and communities in Michigan. We look forward to working with you.

Rave Panic Button and the Michigan State Police School Safety Program Grant go hand-in-hand.  Rave Panic Button supports all grant requirements with its core functionality and inherently addresses the spirit of the Grant program by delivering highly cross functional collaboration in enhancing school safety

Rave Panic Button provides a platform for integrated school crisis management and emergency response. By its design, it engages schools, law enforcement, 9-1-1, and first responders in substantive collaboration that leads to well-structured planning, mutual understanding, and enhanced joint response.


MSP Grant Qualifications and  Requirements

  • Completed application with detailed information.
  • Signed Memo(s) of Understanding (MOU) between the school building/district administrator and law enforcement agency.
  • Signed certification from the law enforcement agency ensuring that the participating school(s) has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) which has been updated since August 1, 2014.
  • Project will start after March 30, 2015, and be completed prior to September 15, 2015.
  • Priority will be given to projects that involve multiple agencies working in partnership.
  • Projects will be funded on a reimbursement-only basis.


Partnership with Local Law Enforcement

Rave Panic Button requires collaboration and partnership with law enforcement. A natural outcome of a Rave Panic Button evaluation or deployment is improved communication and role understanding of all participants.

Partnership with 9-1-1 Dispatch

As the initial and central manager of incoming Panic calls, it is vital that 9-1-1 join school administrators and law enforcement to develop on-going working relationships. Each participant gains valuable insight into the functions and responsibilities of the other – essential in the planning, practice, and actual emergency response.

Critical Information Sharing

Rave Mobile Safety’s unique relationship with 9-1-1 and its secure public safety grade infrastructure make it possible for detailed up to date school site information to be presented to 9-1-1 and first responders the moment a panic call is placed. This accelerates response and provides essential situational awareness to the entire team.


Details about Rave Panic Button

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